We are Juco – We create sustainable activewear for family

We thought the world was missing an important bit of kit when it came to activewear for families. Not the jazzy kind, just solid environmentally friendly staples such as tracksuits, sports leggings, waterproofs. Available in the most inclusive size-chart you’ve ever seen. Whether you’re age 3 or 43. Whatever your activity vibe. We also believe that sustainably made sportswear is very important indeed. Beyond that we want to surround ourselves with families who love to live active and sharing their stories is big fun for us.

How did we become so environmentally conscious?

We believe in creating a healthy future by manufacturing products in the most ethical, sustainable way we can. Juco is a new brand but we are part of a much bigger sustainability story at The Parently Group where they have been manufacturing clothing made from recycled plastic bottles for over ten years. Powered by this understanding of recycled fabrics, we developed a brand new Envirotech fabric that you will find in our leggings and thermal base layers.



Product Labels

Any of our products with this symbol uses waterproof & breathable fabric at 2000mm
If you see any of our products with this symbol it means it has a durable, water repellent coating, providing water-resistant protection
This symbol on our products means the fabric is made from Polyester yarn derived from post-consumer plastic bottle waste.

How do you turn old plastic bottles into recycled fabric?

Our 6 step bottle to Envirotech fabric means that we use Polyester yarn derived from post-consumer plastic bottles, meaning it is recycled plastic fabric.

Step 1 – Collect the plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are collected from recycling centres and brought to the re-processing factory. Here, they’re sorted into type and colour.

Step 2 – Cleaning the plastic bottles

The bottles are compacted into bales, before being stripped of their labels and washed ready for shredding.

Step 3 – Shredding the plastic bottles

Each bottle is then shredded and passed through a processor, where it will be formed into uniform strands.

Step 4 – Creating the plastic chips

The resulting strands are then cooled and cut to form a standard size chip. These chips are then packed and delivered to the yarn mill.

Step 5 – From chips to yarn

The yarn is created through a process that produces a special eight-sided continuous filament, making sure there is the smallest amount of light reflection.

Step 6 – The yarn is woven into recycled fabric

Finally, the yarn is woven into an extremely durable twill, ready to make one of our very own Eco garments.

What do you mean by 100% supply chain transparency?

Juco is a founding member of the Ethical Trading Initiative. Our ambition is to achieve full transparency throughout our sustainable supply-chain which is a pretty big deal for a brand of our size. It means we know everything about the factories we work with, how they treat their workers and even what they have for lunch. Well maybe not that last bit. Operating at this level of ethical responsibility takes extra effort and dedication. We think it’s time well spent and we hope you agree.